Mar 24, 2005

Sauce, Legos and Videotape

Yesterday after dinner Jack asked me, "We can have a party any day, right? It doesn't have to be someone's birthday, does it?" "Um, no, why do you ask?" I answered, a bit suspicious. Does he want cake? Presents? "Let's have a party for Daddy tomorrow, because we love him."

So Jack, Will and I made John gifts from Legos when he was away at his class (in Database Management, if you must know), mainly robots, that we propped up on his desk. Will also wanted to add a subscription insert from Cooking Light. Will and Jack made "newspapers" from creating manuscripts in Word with 72-point webdings. Will screamed delightedly while making his. One stroke of the keyboard and . . it's a truck! A strange little man wearing a tux! A thick diagonal line! Whatever!

Then we made a short video, in which Jack and Will admired themselves greatly. Will would show a book to the camera and say solemnly "It's at your wocal wibary." I really should have wiped that pizza sauce off his mouth before we made it, oh well. Then today, after much ostentatious, highly audible whispering in front of John, the boys and I hid in John's office and he was so "surprised" to see us when he came in.


Scrivener said...

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Rodger said...

I wait until Susan is in the room with me before I visit your blog. I like to hear her laugh over my shoulder as she reads.