Jul 21, 2005

Eight Days until Maine

Joe Miller, here's the recipe for the Apricot-Almond Cobbler. And we've gotten two more pounds of apricots this week. I'll make some other apricot dessert this Saturday for when my brother and father come over.

A big thanks to Scrivener for recommending my blog here (see #4). I think I may have a couple more readers now. Blogging away in obscurity is fine with me, but welcome aboard, everyone. He nows says he did that so that I would post more often. Jo(e) is right, he is a pest.

Here's a list of things that I was thinking about last night.

A Few Things I Dislike

When Jack puts his lips on the kitchen countertop and blows, creating a loud farting sound

Having to admit that the child yelling "My penis is peeing!" in the swimming pool is mine

Camp that is only 2 1/2 hours long

Taking two kids to two different camp locations for camp that is only 2 1/2 hours long

When my declawed cat scratched a visitor's bare legs, drawing blood. The hind claws still work just dandy.

Knowing that we have to clean out bucketsfull (is that a word?) of ancient cedar shake debris from our attic. (We neglected to cover our stuff up there when we got two old roofs taken off and a new one put on.)

A Few Things I Like

My husband putting away the dishes and loading the dishwasher

Jack and Will kissing and hugging each other

Friends who will drive five hours or more, with two small kids, just to visit us for 24 hours

The anticpated coolness and fresh air of Maine in August

Memories of childhood vacations spent in Maine

Having a DVD player in the van (so much for those simple vacations of yore)

Fantasizing about going here next summer


jo(e) said...

I'm jealous of the trip to Maine.

Scrivener said...

What, me? A pest? I cannot imagine where you might have gotten such an idea!

Oh, that line about admitting it's your son announcing his ... um ... activities in the swimming pool, would just kill me. Oy.

And what's the point of 2 1/2 hours of camp? Isn't camp supposed to go for weeks?

Songbird said...

Everyone should come to Maine. Even in the event of the rare heat wave, it is still just so...Maine.
(Now will someone please explain that to my brother and his wife, so that I won't have to drive to Virginia in August to see them?)

liz said...

I'm jealous of the Maine trip too.