Aug 29, 2005

Husband Away, Wife will Play

John had a "Leadership Challenge" this past weekend for his graduate program. They had to listen to various dull presentations. A librarian droned on and on about the many ways you could do research without actually "having to" go to the library. An IS guy told them about how to use the university's computer system. A business writer talked about his vacation in Australia and the starlets he met, and a little bit about how paragraphs are nifty things to use, and he gave them all copies of Strunk and White. They were most helpfully instructed to "pull the reader in." Then after lunch, the ropes course. John's knee got a bit sore, but he was otherwise unscathed. At 42, he is by far the oldest member of his cohort. They did give them beer, but Bass was the best they could come up with.

They all had to spend the night, so that meant I was alone after the boys went to bed. You must understand that John almost never travels anywhere for his job. I allowed myself to go wild by eating some Breyer's mint chocolate chip ice cream and watching Seinfeld episodes. Then I slept with--I know, I'm a wild woman--all the windows all the way open. Wu-hoo!

Nine days until Will goes to school. Fourteen days until Jack goes to school. And John is already back, two nights a week. Anyone want to found the National Project for the Synchronizing of School Schedules with me?


Scrivener said...

Now that would be a federal program with broad-scale support within all levels of society. Count me in, even though my kids are both on regular full-time school schedules as of today.

mc said...

Ahh, my soon-to-be brother-in-law is away this very evening at an event like the one you describe, except that it's an orientation for new teachers at the local middle school. All weekend my sister keeps talking about how he was heading off to sleepaway camp. The images that phrase conjured in my head were very similar to what you describe of John's experience... though I doubt they were allowed beer.