Oct 11, 2005

The Coffeemaker Has Left Nevada.

Did I really need to know that? UPS package tracking on the web provides too much information. Actually I think it was in Illinois on Friday. We had been worried that it would be waylaid in Utah somewhere. Our old coffeemaker now has enough things wrong with it that we finally decided to get a new one. We were faced with about 20 choices too many. We just ordered the first one that seemed like the old one but better. Because every new thing you buy has to be better than the last, right? And have more stainless steel surface area.

The blog's been very sporodic of late, I know. That's because I'm actually writing. Not just Blind, which I've revised a couple times now, but also I've done some marketing copy for my sons' Montessori. And getting paid. Whee! It paid for the coffeemaker, anyway.

The writing group I tried last week was amateurish. Had to slog through Ch. 20 of an elderly lady's interminable courtroom drama, filled with ethnic stereotypes. I mean "expressionless little Oriental?" I think not. So now I'm looking for a group that has higher standards, but not so high that they won't accept me, of course. So I'm going to check out"Reality Writes" at Penn's Kelly Writers' House soon. I need the pressure of a writers group in order to crank anything out.

I'm also in search of is a good cafe in which to hang out and write. In a retro notebook, the kind you use a pen with. The Starbucks near me has a staff who banters at high volume, and because it's small I can't get very far away from them. Borders seems impersonal.I visited an independent coffee shop in Media, but the coffee was only okay, and there was only one other person besides me there, which felt weird. I'm looking for a certain vibe that I fear only exists in the city.


Laura said...

Hey Lauren, I used to be in a really good writing group. I'm on hiatus this semester because I'm working full time and teaching a class. I'd actually be interested in another group or perhaps rejoining the previous group which was very good.

I'm in Bryn Mawr. (lblanken at gmail dot com)

Scrivener said...

Yippee!! Actual writing! And getting paid for it! Wow.

I'm always looking for good cafe spaces to write or grade in. I've got a few that are pretty good around here, but each of them has periods when it's too crowded or whatever. And you can only spend so many hours in a spot before you need to find somewhere else.

Scrivener said...

Oh, and if you end up in writer's group with Laura and the two of you are all hanging around together and becoming pals I am going to become Very, Very Jealous.