Nov 14, 2005

The Existential Kindergartener

We have deep conversations on the way to school in the morning. This Pinteresque one from last Thursday:

Jack: What if there was nothing?

Lauren (stalling): I'm not sure what you're asking. No helmet AND the wrong side of the street. Idiot.

Jack: I mean no people, no air, no earth, no nothing.

Lauren (vaguely) Wow. That might be boring.(There's no way I'm letting you in, silver Mercedes.)

Will: No cars! No roads!

Jack: No, wait. It wouldn't be boring. Not if there wasn't anyone around to think it's boring.

Will: No food! No cats!

Lauren: Jack, good thinking. An excellent point. Move already, geezer in the blue Cadillac. If there were nothing, no one could call it nothing because we wouldn't be around to name anything. In a way it's already something even if it's called "nothing." How long has that gas indicator light been on?

Jack: God wouldn't even be there.

Lauren: Not if there was nothing. I'm glad there's not nothing.

Will: Can we go to the playground after school?

Lauren: If it's warm enough, we can. And stop kicking my seat.

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