Feb 22, 2006

John Quincy Adams Fan Club

Jack's favorite U.S. president is John Quincy Adams, because he had a pet crocodile. And I like him because I think the middle initial "Q" is the best ever. I have a fondness for Lincoln because he was so gaunt and hollow-eyed and sad, but also for Taft because he was fat. I like Teddy Roosevelt because he was so rowdy people thought he was drunk. And Buchanan because he was a bachelor. And Carter because he lusted in his heart, Ford for falling down a lot, Washington for having wooden teeth, and Millard Fillmore for having a funny name.


Will thinks that if you put the phone down on a picture, and the person on the other end puts the phone up to their eye, that they can see the picture. Guess he is a couple of years ahead of his time.


McBetty said...

Will is right on time; as you know, some cell phones can take pictures.
I was taking photos of some of our preschoolers at lunch with my 35 mm camera. They wanted to see the pictures inside my camera right away. Explaining to a three-year-old that this isn't a digital wasn't easy.

Sugarmama said...

I think I might've liked Teddy Roosevelt, too, if I'd known him--even if he WAS a Republican.