Apr 7, 2006

Off to Our Nation's Capital

Thanks to Sugar Mama for the excellent flower advice.

Tomorrow John, the boys and I are going to Washington to be tourists. I got a deal on Priceline for a four-star hotel on Lafayette Square. We're going to see the Air and Space Museum and the Museum of the American Indian, and roam around the Mall looking at monuments. Jack thinks we're going to the Spy Museum after hanging out at the hotel's fitness center. (Maybe we'll visit the White House after that megalomaniac is forced to resign and it resumes its status as a respectable institution. Wait, this isn't a political blog. Nothing to see here, folks.)

Jack and Will packed a bag this morning and this is what they plan to bring:

1. Will's nighttime companion: blue and white striped bunny (its name changes)

2. Jack's nighttime companions: a trumpet swan named "Swanny" and a multicolored pastel bunny named "Bunny" who may fall apart with the next washing

3. Magic Tree House research guide: The American Revolution (that makes sense)

4. Bailey School Kids: Hercules Doesn't Pull Teeth (I'm nixing this, it's a library book and the fines are mounting as we already can't find two of those mediocre Bailey School Kids books)

5. The Official Knock-Knock Joke Book (I let Jack buy this yesterday at the library book sale, which I am already regretting)

6.E. B. White's The Trumpet of the Swan (Jack has great literary taste--also goes with Swanny)

7. Beverly Cleary's Ramona and Her Father (I liked the original illustrations better with Ramona's hair sticking up)

8. Our cat Kato (No, wait, I guess he just now crawled in there)

9. Not a stitch of clothing. This promises to be a cold wet vacation with a few charges of child endangerment thrown in. I'd better set this situation right.


Anjali said...

Have a wonderful time!

jo(e) said...

My boys used to pack like that.

Have a great time!

liz said...

Angry Pregnant Lawyer and I are going to be at the National Zoo in the afternoon. Are you interested? E-mail me!

liz said...

That should have read Sunday afternoon.

McBetty said...

Of course they don't need to pack any clothing! This is practice for week-long summer camps when they come home with 100% clean and unworn underwear in the duffel bag.

Rachel said...

I love your description of what they're bringing. I'm not reading this until Monday, so I hope you had a fabulous weekend!

I just tagged you. Check out my blog to find out what I'm talking about. :)

Sugarmama said...

Oh, hey, you're welcome! I just noticed you thanked me!