May 24, 2006

Rhymes with Spring

Jack and Will, along with their classmates and the rest of their preschool/kindergarten, gave a concert yesterday under the trees in their schoolyard. The kindergarteners sang their own song, "Here Comes the Sun," but they were all together for the rest, including "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."Jack looked like he was being tortured, staring down grimly, barely opening his mouth, and sometimes chewing his cuticles. Will, on the other hand, smiled broadly when he sang, belting it out. Many of the girls bounced up and down wildly and gestured while singing, and some of the smallest children looked like they weren't sure where they were or what was expected of them. Others were hopelessly distracted by the crowd of families waving, videotaping and taking pictures. Then there are always a couple of inconsolable tots who need to be held by the teacher. Apparently, every child has their very own special Singing at the School Concert Personality. And the parents just watch helplessly as little Tyler picks his nose or Madison lifts her dress up over her tummy, again and again.

At the end, massive applause. The music teacher announced he was tired. You could hear the parents proclaiming "Great job!" to their children countless times. Because it was a great job, all things considered. And singing with your friends and looking out at a sea of admiring parents is the ultimate love feast. And then? Ice cream for all, much running around, indiscriminate yelling, and staying up a little past bedtime. In short, a perfect evening.


jo(e) said...

I love spring concerts. And the audience is usually pretty easy to please.

Amishlaw said...

A good description. I'm glad you're savoring your children's growing up experiences. Take lots of pictures, because those will be the incidents you remember.

susan said...

We don't have many pictures of last year's Hanukkah show precisely because Curious Girl spent virtually the entire show with her finger shoved up her nose--but we did snap photos for those few seconds that her hand came down, because those little shows are awfully adorable. Your kids sound like they have a great environment for school.