Oct 27, 2006

Rules to Live By

We have been having "Family Meetings" the last two Sundays, and we hope to make this a routine. The kids get to request some meals and activities, and everyone suggests new habits to get into, or old habits to break.

This past week have been working on a habit from last week which has not seen much improvement:

Don't put it down, put it away.

This week the emphasis is on:

When Mommy or Daddy tells you to do something, do it the FIRST time they say it. So now instead of repeating it, we say "I'm not going to repeat that" over and over.

And from Will, derived from recent experience:

Ask permission before doing experiments.

Don't lick syrup off the plate.


Anonymous said...

Do the family meetings work? Or is it too soon to tell? Cause the rules sound great. Especially the "Mommy and Daddy are only going to tell you something once" thing...

Anonymous said...

I'm sooooooo glad to hear we're not the only ones with that issue

Scrivener said...

Those family meetings sound great. I especially like "don't put it down, put it away." I'm going to try chanting that in this house.

angelfeet said...

That sounds like a great idea. I'm currently giving my girls stickers when they do as Mummy asks the first time she asks. I even gave myself a sticker when I refrained from raising my voice on an occasion when my patience was being tried - it definitely made me feel better.