Jan 20, 2007

The Train Schedule Fairy

Our boys are now very interested in the Regional Rail timetables and stops. They have now memorized the stops on the R3, the Media-Elwyn line, and are learning the R2 stops. Every day or so the Train Schedule Fairy leaves a new schedule lying about the house somewhere. Yesterday it was the R5.

Oh, and I'm pulling together an application for a low-residency creative nonfiction MFA program . . . . That is partly why I haven't been hanging around the blog that much lately. Also I have two deadlines on Monday, a review of Nora Ephron's I Feel Bad About My Neck, for my friend Robin's online magazine, and an article for Will's Montessori's parents newsletter. I actually get paid for the latter. If my review of Ephron book is decent, then I'll post it here. dear friends.

Oh. Here's a scene from Macy's this morning: I was in the shoe department, looking for some flat black shoes. And for some flat black boots. Will was with me, and he picked up every glittery pair of high-heeled strap shoes for me to try on. And he would shout over to me, "Wear these! You won't look like my mom!"


Lilian said...

Hmmm, train schedules... I haven't them quite memorized yet, but I know the times for the R2 in the evening (one of its stops is four blocks from our house and hubby takes the train to University City there everyday)...

Oh, the shoe story is so funny! I do own one or two of those, thanks to several family weddings in the past years, so my son probably wouldn't say the same thing ;)

Amy said...

When C and I were going to his office holiday party, W looked me over and said, "Mom, you look great! You don't look a bit like my mom!"

I guess this means I should probably take a minute to blowdry my hair in the morning, rather than put it up in a ponytail.

susan said...


I hope the applications go well--I'm sure all your readers will sprinkle pixie dust on them for you if you like.

M-j said...

At least your kids are memorizing something USEFUL. My child memorizes NASCAR numbers, drivers and sponsors. Like, what use is THAT???When he was in Catholic school last year, I swore I was going to teach him the popes so he could win the Pope Bee in fifth grade!