Dec 6, 2007

Raggedy Grace

We had our first snowfall of the year yesterday, and this is Zane's first snow ever. He licks it up very fast, as if someone is going to snatch it away from him any second. Here is in a rare moment of repose last evening.

You know the Raggedy Ann in the pictures from yesterday? She was such a good sport about that. Well, I was going to give her to a little girl I know, but Will wants to teach her to fly. And he calls her Raggedy Grace. So I guess that's that.

I've got a major deadline tomorrow, so wish me inspiration and sheer doggedness. I need to stop editing myself before I've put a single word on the page, and I must not be so distractible. I'm going to put my laptop computer in the sunroom, where our wireless doesn't work, so I can't Google anything, check on Facebook, Sitemeter, or anything. It's house arrest for me today.

I promise to write about my project sometime soon.


Lilian said...

WOW, Zane looks absolutely stunning. Really, a gorgeous dog. If we decide not to go for #3, I'll follow your lead and get a dog :)

Thanks for the photo and I can't wait to hear about your project. I should also be dissertating and not blogging, but, oh well, I can take a break, can't I?

P.S. Good idea working where there's no wireless. I work on the desktop, though, so... it's internet all the time.

Domestic Goddess said...

He's such a handsome guy! Shadow is also a huge fan of the snow. She acts like she is dying when we make her come in from the cold.
Good luck ending your procrastination streak!

Anonymous said...

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