Sep 19, 2008

The Beauty of the Bean

With with all this talk of financial troubles, contaminated meat, an obesity epidemic, and the need to eat sustainably, it's time to consider the lowly bean.

It's beans and more beans here in the Dream Kitchen these days. They're cheap, very good for us, have no packaging if bought dry, and are generally liked by the whole family. I recently made Black Bean Chili with Butternut Squash and Swiss Chard. I used delicata squash and kale, and it worked very well. It was better the second day, as the spices "married" the other ingredients, as my mother used to say. Even Mr. Picky had seconds.

This weekend I'm making a double batch of Chipotle Pinto Beans from Simply in Season; we'll take it to a brunch for Swarthmore College students that my church has every month, hosted by members of the church. I'm hoping there will some left over for our family. Next on my bean agenda? I want to feed the organizers and volunteers at the Obama campaign office in Chester one of these days. Vegetarian chili sounds like a good idea for them. I can just send the crockpot along with my boarder, one of the Chester organizers. He works extremely hard but I fear he exists on a diet of pizza and Coke.

So, beans. What else? Every so often I use chickpeas to make hummus, zesty with fresh garlic and lemon juice. I will say that when I go through the trouble of soaking and boiling up a bunch of beans, I always make extra to have on hand. They're fine on a salad, or you can whip up a bean dip or make soup with them.

It's actually quite difficult to overpraise the humble bean. Have I succeeded?


Crockhead said...

I know you live in a household of men. How do you control the methane? Beano?

Mommychicky said...

May I suggest Poor Man's/Texas Caviar? I fed it to the Delaware for Obama volunteers over the winter because they really do subsist on pizza and diet soda.

Leslie F. Miller said...

I just made an enormous pot of chili for a pot luck tomorrow night. Yeah, it has meat. But it also has tomatoes, wine, spices, and three cans of beans—dark red and light red kidneys and a can of pintos. Mmmm, beans.

Next week, it's navy bean soup with a ham bone.

Domestic Goddess said...

ZOMG. I almost fell off my chair to see you posted.
We had beans tonight, with mexican. Yummers. The husband also loves Limas, so he's a happy fellow this week!