Oct 20, 2009

In Which the Whole Family goes to Distrito in Order to Save on Babysitting

Distrito has been on our list for a while. The "cheapest" (really?) of superstar Jose Garces' restaurants, and the only one with a pink VW convertible you can eat in. So when it looked like yet another birthday was staring me down, we, and by that I mean I, made a reservation for all four of us.

For our birthdays in the past, Mr. Dream Kitchen and I would get a sitter. This time we thought, maybe the boys are ready to appreciate some decent food, and maybe we'll save some bucks? I don't think we did the latter, but the boys loved it, and we all tried a lot of different dishes. My new discovery was pork belly in green mole, the unctuousness of the belly undercut by the sharp green sauce. We ordered a lot of small plates, and our table was also small, so something was bound to end up on the floor. Fortunately it was only a basket of tortillas wrapped in a cloth napkin, and not my perfect grapefruit margarita.

There was a huge TV screen above the landing on the stairs to the second floor, and the boys kept running up to check the Phillies' progress against the Dodgers, which was not so good that one game. We were in our own little area close to the restrooms, which I never like, but it was basically the kids' table, so our isolation was no doubt warranted. The restrooms are disconcerting in that everyone shares the same troughlike sink in the corridor. So no primping with just the gals at Distrito. It seems a shame. Don't women deserve their sanctuary?

We had great soft tacos with marinated skirt steak, and tamales with pulled pork, and flatbreads with forest mushrooms. Everything was wonderful, except I thought the mushroom flatbread had too fungal a taste in about ten percent of the bites I took. The guacamole and the regular fresh salsa were amazing--so complex and warmly spiced. Next time: no pink car and maybe the tasting menu.


Domestic Goddess said...

Margarita? Guacamole? I'm in.

Momish said...

We went there about a month or so ago. I thought it was very good and the atmosphere was very upbeat. I am glad you all had a good time!

Velva said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening.

By the way, I attempted to find the ingredients for the Avaition cocktail (featured in Gourmet). The Maraschino Liquer not to be found in Tallahassee. The Lavendar liquer, they stopped selling in the 40's but, is recently making a comeback. i was told I could find it NY. Needless to say, I was not able to make the cocktail that you enjoyed. :-(

I have been really enjoying your blog posts!

MemeGRL said...

Um, YES YES YES YES YES on the tasting menu. It included the crab guacamole (couldn't imagine that working but it certainly did) and the mushroom flatbread (which I loved). It also included the jicama salad, a transcendent ceviche, kobe beef tacos, lamb and lobster main courses, and a teeny tres leches cake for dessert. Unbelievably good. Huge improvement from my first visit.