Dec 2, 2009

Chocolate and Zucchini (not the blog but the actual foodstuffs)

Pant, pant, pant. Just came in from an hour-long walk in the woods with Zane. That's him panting, not me.

I'm trying to work off some Thanksgiving pounds, due my own rich cooking, for which I abandoned all my principles. I made mashed potatoes with a stick of butter--according to Will, "the best mashed potatoes ever." And stuffing with another stick of butter and chicken livers in addition to the cornbread, sage, and celery. Then I had leftover chicken livers so of course I had to go and make some chicken liver pate. And what do you know, there was a LOT of everything left over since we had only five people for Thanksgiving. I repurposed the pate using a dainty little sorbet scoop and a few sprightly sprigs of Italian parsley for another dinner we had for some friends. There was still quite a bit left. Lordy. Oh and the pumpkin pie, well that had cream and maple syrup and please tell me why I am going on and on?

So anyway for Will's birthday, which always falls on a day, Nov. 30, when one is bursting at the seams and feeling quite penitent, wanted brownies for the in-school treat. Naturally, I had to sample two of the inside brownies when they were still warm and any miscellaneous "crumbs." Then I made him a Chocolate Zucchini Cake for his birthday dinner that I had made in the summer for the town potluck. I never got to actually have any of my own cake that day because it was demolished by all the people who decided to put dessert on their plates before they'd eaten the main course. You know who you are. This time, I didn't make the glaze, just couldn't bring myself to do it. One must draw the line somewhere. The cake recipe is from King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking. This cake has only whole wheat flour and Will loves it as much as he loved the brownies, with their white flour and ungodly amounts of butter and sugar. You just never know. These kids. His other request for his birthday was mac and cheese. I used Amish smoked cheddar. Insanely delicious.

Gotta go. Lots to do. As you can tell from my syntax. This blog is sporadic. I know. Deal.


Domestic Goddess said...

Did you just tell us to deal? DEAL?

I love this new you! Also? The mac and cheese? Can you be my mommy every year on my birthday?

Leslie F. Miller said...

I love butter. Butter is good. And because it's good, I'm at Weight Watchers on Monday night.

P.S. Mashed potatoes also need half and half. ;-)

Jill said...

Paula Deen would love you to pieces. Also, my dogs can barely walk around the pond (barely a few blocks, maybe two, two and half?) without being winded. That's what they get for having stumpy legs.

julienj said...

A's "birthday cake" every year is a pan of King Arthur's whole wheat brownies, with frosting. Less than a week until then...

BTW, I didn't get a dessert at the picnic, either, but at least my kids did. I suggested to Linda that a larger percentage of the alphabet should be assigned to bring dessert next year.