Jan 31, 2010

A Snowy Pilgrimage to Pub & Kitchen

Yesterday afternoon the Dream Kitchen family drove in to First Presbyterian Church at 21st and Walnut to a Musicopia Concert. It's a youth orchestra. The concert was beautiful and the acoustics of the big old stone church were resonant. Afterwards, we walked just a few frigid minutes, through a lightly falling snow, to Pub & Kitchen at 1946 Lombard, to meet friends. It was about 17 degrees, and there was not a small amount of complaining performed by both boys, but we made it. Our friends were running late, but the host let us sit down with just the four of us. There is an up side to eating dinner at 5:00: an almost completely empty restaurant. And thank goodness for that silly hockey game on my iPhone.

The other family came, and we all decided on what we would eat. These days I'm always thrilled when there's no kids' menu and they have to spend more time figuring out what to take a chance on. They split a luscious cheeseburger with great-looking fries. (I don't eat French fries so I can only comment on their appearance.) I ordered a creamy artichoke-leek soup, steamed mussels with tomato and chorizo, and an IPA. John got meat loaf and mashed potatoes. It was all just heavenly. A beloved neighborhood pub called Chaucer's used to be at the site. It had famously wonderful cheeseburgers and a reliably folksy, comfy atmosphere. The other couple and I had lived in Center City Phila. in a previous life (not together), and we recalled Chaucer's fondly. Pub & Kitchen is trendy, with a much more sophisticated menu. Which is totally OK, really. The server was great. Everything was copacetic. A child--who shall remain unnamed--fell down the stairs to the loo but was fine. Not even embarrassed. It was that good a place. I don't know why there's a pig with rabbit ears on the building and the website. Some kind of joke,I don't know.

Anyway, we all proceeded to walk to our friends' condo.


Now we know where we shall live when our kids have graduated from high school. A condo in the Fitler Square neighborhood. With 12-foot ceilings. With its own parking lot. With a ton of architectural integrity. Near so many cozy little restaurants. General fabulousness all around. It will take us nine years to get rid of enough stuff to fit into it. I've already started, though; yesterday I gave away some baby blankets.

Pub & Kitchen, we'll be back. Save us our regular table.


Lilian said...

I had to laugh about the baby blankets ;-). Now, you probably already have other people you share used boy clothes with, but if you ever happen to need to donate any, we'll gladly take some! (especially winter gear).

And hmmm... artichoke leek soup? That sounds heavenly!

julienj said...

You don't eat fries? Seriously? Oh man, I'd be a sad puppy if I didn't eat them.

The dinner sounds lovely. If we could only drag ourselves into the city one of these evenings...

Domestic Goddess said...

YOU DO NOT EAT FRIES? Lauren, I thought we were friends!

That sounds lovely.

And, i like it when there is no kids menu because then the kid eats something besides the standard nuggets and fries.

Anjali said...

If I ever move back to Philly, I'd love to be your neighbor in the city. That place sounds awesome.

Given all the snow you've had, though, I may just find the equivalent down south.

Carpe Diem said...

God. Loved it. You've inspired me to clear out my attic...and drop the fries!

daydreamymama said...

Oh, I miss Chaucer's too! But this place sounds great. And I know what you mean about Fitler Square!

Lori said...

Hi Lauren,
I did a search on Walt's King of Crabs and got a hit on your site. I also loved Walt's and it was a huge coincidence when my husband and I bought one of the 2 townhouses that Walt's became. We are putting it up for sale, so if you know anyone else nostalgic for Walt's who is also in the market for a 4 bedroom, 2 car garage, give me a shout.