Oct 19, 2010

Homemade Feta: The Verdict

All that work, and it's gone already.

The homemade feta ripened in the fridge for five days in a vintage yellow Pyrex container, and yesterday it was deemed ready. I took four cubes of it to my sons' bass teacher and her chef husband. The rest I crumbled over roast eggplant, peppers, and sweet potatoes, and served over farro penne. I had roasted the veggies earlier and just warmed them in the oven with a little balsamic vinegar. My sons loved the feta and couldn't stay away from it before dinner. Unfortunately, a good number of the vegetables just got moved around on the plates instead of eaten. Mr. Dream Kitchen did a much better job of eating his veggies.

The cheese is very white and firm. It tastes so fresh. It's not brine-logged and half-dissolving like storebought can be. In fact, the instructions said not to brine this. Instead, I sprinkled it with Kosher salt when I first put it in the fridge. The verdict is: an unequivocable thumbs up.

In other news, three issues of Martha Stewart LIVING have inexplicably arrived at our house in the last week, bearing my name. Is someone trying to tell me something, and if so, what?


MemeGRL said...

Figure they are a gift from Martha and enjoy them! (Or pass them to the local hospital ER for others to enjoy.) Glad to get the feta update. Will you do it again or is it not worth it?

Lauren D. McKinney said...

Yes, it's worth it, but more for a special occasion or gift. I need to crunch the numbers. A gallon of organic goat's milk isn't cheap, and there's the rennet and the mesophilic starter. Then there's the time involved. But every once in a while, making feta may be just the ticket.