May 5, 2011

Dream Kitchen Reboots! With a Super Special Reader's Choice Post!

Complete with exclamation marks!

Dear reader(s),

It's hard to sneak back onto (into?) a blog, dust off the shelves, and quietly start typing a brilliant or even a just so-so post.

To ease back in, I'm going to answer your questions. Please ask 'em in the comment box below (NOT on Facebook).Food history, etiquette, recipe questions, favorite apps, favorite appetizers, why is everyone suddenly drinking Negronis, you name it.

Please address your questions "Dear Dream Kitchen" as it will help me feel vaguely authoritative. I thank you, dear readers. Should I get a flood of fascinating questions, I will use some inscrutable or arbitrary method for deciding which ones to answer.

Bloggily yours,



Crissie said...

Dear Dream Kitchen,

I must be really out of it. What is Negronis and why is everybody drinking it? do you drink it? do you like?

This curious mind wants to know.


MemeGRL said...

Dear Dream Kitchen,

Stinging nettles used to be a weed you sprayed Roundup on, and now it's the darling ingredient of the summer. Have you tried them yet?

And can you update us on your cheesemaking please?

Zane said...

Why don't u kook mor bacon? Bacon iz really gud and if therz any left over u can giv it to the dog.