Feb 15, 2005

On Dreaming

I used to have better dreams. In late winter I would dream about flying (not in a plane) over verdant valleys, running and somersaulting through fields of daisies, etc. Well, maybe once or twice I dreamed that, but I think I'm due for another spring dream. I'm tired of dreaming that I'm looking for an apartment, trying to find the room where I'm supposed to give a presentation at a conference, trying to find one of my sons who I've left at a day care center whose location I can't remember, or trying to take a train home only I don't know where home is.

Did you know that you can sometimes create your own dreams by thinking about them right before bed? So I talked to John about the spring dream I want to have. Then I did indeed dream that I was outside. I think it was spring, at least some kind of plant life seems to have been growing. But I was running away from someone. I need more practice.

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