Feb 6, 2005

Warning: This Post Contains Ambivalence Towards the Super Bowl

In about 25 minutes we're going to watch the Super Bowl. I guess. Until we get bored half an hour later. I broke down a few weeks ago and bought Jack a gray Eagles shirt, not the zillion-dollar jersey, which the woman in front of me was buying three of. Even Jack's Montessori, that bastion of high-mindedness, has Eagles Day every other week or so this year.If you read the Philadelphia Inquirer today you will note that absolutely nothing else is going on in the world, other than the Super Bowl.

Our house does not abound with Eagles pep, however. Jack and Will and I got an Eagles sweatshirt for John on his birthday, and he refuses to wear it out of the house. He says they don't have Eagles Day at Villanova University's Master's in Technology Program. Geeks. Maybe because he is from Steeler country and considers Philadelphia to be "New Jersey"? Grrrr.

Last year Jack started out at a fake Montessori (any preschool can hang out a Montessori sign, beware) whose cutesy holiday pageant ended with the little tykes singing the Eagles anthem. Just in case you needed any more proof that football is a religion. Transferred the kid out right away, phew.

But, still . . . go, Eagles.

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