Sep 3, 2005

Last Feral Outburst Before Preschool?

It was already an unusual day at the produce market. The Chinese lady who works there had asked me to write a sign for her. "You write big mum for twenty-three dollar? Each?" she pleaded, nodding her head vigorously. "Sure," I acquiesced. "Nice, nice, you write another same?" "No problem!" Then I proceeded to shop for apples, bananas, and a couple other things. Will and Jack were eating cereal bars because it was lunch time, really.

Right after I had paid for everything and was waiting to sign the receipt, Will tugged on my shirt. He pointed to his mouth, which was full. Then he pointed to a loaf of French bread, with a bite taken out of it, right throught the plastic. "You're almost four years old! I can't believe you did this! Now I'm going to have to buy this!" I scolded him, while trying to keep my voice down. "I'll pay for this in cash," I said, exasperated, turning back to give the lady the bread. Then--he did it again. To another loaf. "I was hungry," he wailed. Now feeling like a horrible mother who not only losed her cool at the store but who does not feed her children adequately, I looked back at women in the modest line behind me, for affirmation, a smile, a sympathetic glance? Nope. They averted their eyes.

The other day Will jumped around nervously, asked to sit on my lap, and then proceeded to pee voluminously. As I soon as I felt the spreading warmth I shot off my chair, and the kitchen floor took the rest of it.

It's not all backsliding, though. He got dressed all by himself yesterday for the first time! His underpants and shorts were backwards, but still. I let him do it in another room with the door closed, as he requested.

I think he will love Montessori. He is very "hands on," must touch everything, must play with everything. In the Montessori classroom all the "works" are within reach and the children can work with things as long as they want within "work time." Will will be in a different classroom from Jack, who is in kindergarten this year. The kindergarteners have their own class one afternoon a week, and the rest of the time are with the younger children. They help them learn new works and serve as role models. And teach them to tie their shoes and zip their jackets.

It's only going up to the low 80s today. As soon as I post this I'll turn off the air conditioning off and fling the windows open. The kids would rather go to the library than the pool lately, Will has his new backback, and fall is in the air. I love these days.


Anjali said...

Mira has been doing the insane and ridiculous lately as well. Glad to know she's not the only almost four year old.

Scrivener said...

My almost 5 year old and almost 3 year old, too! I guess a lot of it is the new schedules and adjustments. But man can it drive you crazy.