Sep 13, 2005

The Truth Teller

A few proclamations from Will:

1. Last spring, to his Sunday school class, "My mommy has a vagina, but I have a penis." There, my secret is out.

2. About a woman standing very close to us at his Montessori one day after school: "Look, Mommy, she has a baby in her belly!" She didn't.

3. About a woman using a vending machine at the YMCA: "Look, Mommy, she's buying junk food!" She explained to him that it was okay because she was buying a granola bar with raisins and nuts. That's the kind of moral authority a three-year-old can assert.

4. During children's time at church, said really loudly so all can hear, "____________________________________." I'll fill this in when he does. This past Sunday he said something fairly harmless about how if a raccoon bites you you might have to go to the hospital, which had nothing to do with anything,and just made people laugh and look at us in that generic "Well, that was interesting" kind of way. That's okay.


liz said...


jo(e) said...

I love the honesty of kids.

I think it is actually disappointing that as they get older, they learn to be all tactful and appropriate.

susan said...

Comments like these from kids make me wonder just how they are making sense of the world. I mean, what is going on in their enterprising little heads to make those remarks come out? and how is it possible that they sound coherent at other times?

While I am looking forward to my daughter developing a bit more self-control about these kinds of public remarks, I'm hoping that she'll retain a bit of the certainty and authority that her toddler self has. It could come in handy later in life.