Dec 5, 2005

Coming Up for Air

Gulp. That felt good.

Things That Have Happened, in Chronological Order, Since my Last Post

1. Joint birthday party for Jack and Will

2. Arrival of inlaws from Indiana

3. Jack's actual birthday, with family celebration

4. Broken heating element in oven, the day before Thanksgiving

5. Heroic successful attempt by father-in-law to replace heating element in time for me to bake two pies that day

6. Thanksgiving at our house for nine people, with my grandmother's linens and silver. Everything cooked from scratch. Incredible stuffing and a bottle of mead made by my multitalented brother. And thanks to John the Brining Guy, various helpful family members and sporadically helpful boys.

7. My father's admission to a local hospital, for breathing problems, heart rate irregularity, and fever.

8. Surprise 50th birthday party one month ahead of time for my sister-in-law at a restaurant in Philly.

9. Will's actual birthday and family celebration.

10. My father's discharge from the hospital.

11. My locking my keys in the car at the hospital. (These last three were on the same day)

12. The departure of my inlaws, nine days after arrival.

During this time I didn't blog or write anything other than shopping lists and to-do lists. Didn't go to the gym. Mushy brain, flabby body. Must get to work.

How put together again sentences do you?

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Sugarmama said...

Hi, Lauren! Nice that you're back. I've been faithfully checking your blog after discovering you were my cookbook soul sister. Sounds like you had an insanely busy few weeks. And oy! It's not even Christmas yet! Hope your dad is recovering well.