Dec 22, 2005

Experiment in Iambic Quadrameter

A Man with a Plan

By Jack, Mommy, and Will

There was a man
From Pakistan.
He had a plan
To go to Dan.

Dan had a dog
Who ate a frog
Who left his bog.
Poor Mateen was all agog. [Mateen is the name of the man from Pakistan.]

And now it's on the blog.


Anjali said...

Mateen is the name of a boy from Mira's preschool class. I'm in love with the name, and I'm sure he'd be proud to have had his name used in such a masterpiece!

luna said...

While this is a cute whimsical poem, it isn't iambic quadrameter. There are only 4 syllables per line here, and with iambic quadramter you need 4 stressed syllables starting with an unstressed. So in all essence it would go unstressed/stressed/unstressed/stressed/unstressed/stressed/unstressed/stressed

A good example of iambic quadrameter is Anne Bradstreet's "Verses Upon the Burning of Our House" which you can find freely online for you to explore.

I would place this poem more in a limerick than a structured form.

CJ said...

Luna is right; it is not quadrameter, but I enjoyed it.

I am not a poet, but I have two sons, 10 and 8, and I write. Good luck to you.