Nov 20, 2006

Suburban Family Hosts Sucessful Capt. Underpants Birthday Party

Swarthmore, PA: Jack and Will, two brothers about to turn seven and five, reported that their parents gave a Capt. Underpants birthday party on Saturday. "It was great!" they shouted, chocolate cake crumbs on their faces, a trail of popcorn indicating their recent whereabouts. "Everyone we invited came!" reported the dazed mother. There were unconfirmed reports that one attendee out of eleven (including Jack and Will) was a girl. Whatever she was, her basketball and football skills were noteworthy, as was her ability to join in a pickup soccer game with seven-year-olds. Mr. S, the father of Jack and Will, said that his wife forgot whether Talking Toilets were evil or not, leading to confusion regarding the Talking Toilets game. "How could you forget they're evil?" he asked rhetorically. "But 70 percent of U.S. residents think there were weapons of mass destruction, so I guess it's no wonder."

"Thank goodness the weather was fine and they could send them outside to play in the leaves," murmured one mother who stayed to help. "It was getting very loud in their house." One child, reportedly named Fluffy Diaperbrain, hadn't been feeling well and came just in time to eat the cake. He didn't want any, moped around and would not wear his extremely fun nametag or prance about wearing personalized underpants on his head. He said nobody would play with him. The other four-year-old, Slimy Picklebuns, was also out of sorts once the crowd had been banished to the backyard wilderness, but after his mother gave him a pep talk by the shed, where he was hiding, he was decidedly more cheerful. He and Fluffy were completely recovered by the time they received their party favors.

All departed at the prescribed 4:00 ending time, after which point there was rumored to be a late fee of a dollar per minute. No damage worse than cake and popcorn on the floor has been reported as of this time. The Sea Monkeys(TM), a birthday gift from the young Slimy Picklebuns, have yet to hatch.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a fun party!
We are thinking of getting captain underpants for our guy for Christmas. I know he'd love it! What are the chances I will then be throwing a Captain Underpants party next year?

Scrivener said...

Sounds like it went really well! So, did the girl wear boys' underpants on her head?

Lauren said...

She chose not to, actually.

Lucy T said...

Whew! I can now breathe a sigh of relief that this grand event is over. Just hearing of your preparations caused me anxiety. Can you tell that birthday parties for my children rank up there as one of my top five stressors! LOL. I'm such a weenie! Now onto your preparations for the upcoming food holidays. Do you have your ring binder out and ready? Start cooking and writing the mouth watering posts you are famous for. . . please!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lauren, this was such a fun post! I HAVE to update my blogroll and include you, because I hadn't read since last post (I know, bad, bad girl). Well, it sounds like the party was a huge success. And lucky you for having warm weather. Last March when Kelvin turned 4 and we had FOURTEEN kids plus I don't know how many adults (slightly less than the number of kids) in our tiny house I was thankful for the (unfinished) basement, since we couldn't go outside. Gladly, 4 children and 2 adults were late, so that helped. It was a Veggie tales party, we had the kids make "people" out of vegetables (or pieces of veg), played games, ate, and watched a home edited film of Kelvin's first 4 years. Some photos here:

Sorry for being so pushy! :) I truly didn't mean to add link and all... But got carried away talking about our party after reading your great post :)

Anonymous said...

Link was too long (in case you want to check out photos of various party decorations that my sister-in-law did, including the Veggie Tales one):