Dec 13, 2006

The Dream Kitchen Google Search Award Ceremony

All in yesterday's and today's Google searches:

The Split Personality/Comma Splice Award goes to: "My Greek husband was nice, now he is horrible."

The Same Wavelength as Lauren Award: "scholastic 'book fair' junk."

The Kinky Award: "I put nail polish on him."

And finally, the Who Would Have Thought to Ask Award: "President Millard Fillmore favorite dishes."


Anonymous said...

Now THAT is funny.
And to think, all I get is, "Bugs in larvae stage" and "Autism seizures." There is no fun in that!

Lucy T said...

I tried it. I Google'd Millard Fillmore's Favorite Dish. Your blog came up first, referencing a Feb. 2006 blog title Quincy Adams or something similar. Thank you for providing me with such entertainment as I wait for my daughter to be ready to be driven to swim team practice.

Anonymous said...

Now those are funny.

The Millard Fillmore search (without quotes) actually turns up a bunch of links on the first page that are kind of amusing--a cookbook on presidents' favorite recipes, references to different neighborhoods or taverns, an article on a walk near his grave. Who'da thunk he'd be so written-about?