Mar 7, 2007

Flotsam, and Some Jetsam for Good Measure

Argh. The longer I go without blogging the harder it is to start up again. As it is with so many things. For inspiration, I'll look out the window. It's snowing. It's also 17 degrees. Maybe school will let out early today? I'm supposed to teach my middle schoolers today at 12:50, so that means I'm squarely in the middle of an Ambiguous Snow Situation. Alright, not so much inspiration there. I'll look at my desk. Oh, here's a tidbit. It's a note the babysitter had written the the other night:

Dear Mr. Jack,

We regret to inform you that today at 7:00 PM you will be arrested. Sorry again.


The Police

P.S. You will get a cookie when you are in jail.

Now I'll take a look in my blog drafts. Oh, here's a new list of search terms that get folks over here to Dream Kitchen (the usual terms are: steel cut oats, Fine Old Dixie Recipes, dream kitchens, and quadrameter)

every pool boys's dream
children's haircuts of the 1940s
dancing "wet dress"
barefoot amish children
A typical mid-1940s kitchen
pictures of girls wearing saddle shoes and white socks
"still wears a diaper"
princess diana lady diana pictures photos
essay my grandmother's kitchen
parsnip cake
armenian boureg

My husband has an intestinal bug. Will has a cold. At least Jack FINALLY has a loose tooth, which he wiggles constantly and is very proud of. I have one of those annoying dry patches on the corner of my mouth.

Note to Jack Frost: Feel free to visit the Southern Hemisphere a little early this year, dude.


Lilian said...

Fun searches. I always think I should write those searches somewhere and blog about it, but never do... I guess I just have too much to say ;)

M-j said...

I love looking at the list of google searches that brings people to my blog. Sometimes it is a little scary (like the pool boy thing)and sometimes it is down-right funny.