Mar 12, 2007

St. Patty's Day Potluck at the Dream Kitchen: A Reader Appreciation Event

Dear Readers,

May I interrogate you for a moment? Thank you kindly.

1. Do you read this blog regularly?

2. Have I ever met you in person?

3. Have you ever posted a comment on my blog?

If at least two of the answers are "yes," then you are eligible to be invited to the Dream Kitchen Reader Appreciation St. Patty's Day Potluck, or DKRASPDP for short. Oh, it helps if you will be in the Philadelphia area on March 17 in the early evening. A pot o' Irish stew, a few of John's "interesting" beers, whatever goodies you can coax out of the Dream Reader Kitchens, and some good crack will make a fine party. ("Crack" means "conversation" in Ireland, just so you know.)

Can't wait to wear my green plastic foaming-beer-mug earrings. All tacky St. Patty's Day getup welcome!


Amishlaw said...

1) Yes.
2) Yes.
3) Yes.

Will you pay for my air fare if I bring lots of crack?

Scrivener said...

Yes. No. Yes.

But I've got tickets to see Lucinda Williams on the 17th, in Atlanta. But I'm looking forward to the recap.

Lilian said...

Oooh, this is so exciting!!!

1) Yes. Ever since I found you.
2) Not yet, but it looks like I will pretty soon :)
3) Yes, very regularly!

So, since I live very close to you I guess that means I'm coming?

Lilian said...

2) should be "you" will [know me in person], not "I" will.

M-j said...

But alas, no. Saturday I will be on a muddy soccer field and then shopping for first communion dresses. The food sounds yummy (irish girls like their stew). Boohoo!

Lucy T said...


But I was sure Scrivener was someone you knew in real life!

Scrivener said...

I only wish I knew Lauren in real life.

Susan said...

Oh I wish I knew you, because St. Patty's at your house would get me out of cooking corned beef at MY house.