May 3, 2007

Questions for the Internet

1. My husband pays $12.00 for his haircuts. Does that mean he should run for president?

2. What happens if you call that "How's my driving" number on commercial trucks? And what if you say "Your driver is doing great. You hired a winner!"

3. How many dozens of books will Rachael Ray write? And (bonus question), is it really necessary to display all of them at once, each one with her face on it, at a fabulous independent bookstore like The Cookbook Stall at The Reading Terminal?

4. Why do cheap toasters work so much better than expensive toasters?

5. Is it ethical for me to be explaining New Yorker cartoons to my seven-year-old?

6. What kind of a world is it where you can buy "meatless meatballs" and not think twice?

That is all.


O said...

I'm not sure about many of those questions, but I have actually called the comment line on commercial vehicles to complain and compliment. When you complain, they ask a lot of identifying questions (where, when, what's the problem). They ask the same questions when you compliment but are usually much more excited and happy to talk to you!
I will happily out one of my good drivers: on a particularly awful day in West Philadelphia a few years ago (construction, move-in, etc.), a guy from Esposito's Meats in South Philly was being exceptionally gracious about waving people through and taking turns. I ran in to him twice in looking for parking, and we must have finished our West Philly business at the same time because I saw the same truck, still being great, as I was leaving. I called immediately to tell them what an excellent ambassador he was being for their store. They were thrilled. (So was I as Esposito's is one of my favorite South Philly spots!)

Domestic Goddess said...

My husband gets free haircuts. They are from me. So do my boys. Can we run for president?
Heck no. The last thing I want in my family is a politician. That would be worse than...a pro athlete.
Meatless meatballs...mmmmmm!

Jennifer said...

I think the Internet is going to revoke my memebership; I can only answer #1: Yes. John should be president.

Anjali said...

I don't leave home without my meatless meatballs. YUM