Jul 21, 2011

Extreme Rustic Blueberry "Pudding"

A Mennonite man who grew up on a farm in Iowa once told me that on summer days sometimes his family would eat bread and milk with berries on top for lunch. That sounded appealing to me, so today I made a version of it.

day-old homemade bread
cream or whole milk

Toast the bread. Set it in the bottom of a wide shallow bowl. Cover it with blueberries, add some sugar to taste and and crush some of the berries and sugar with the back of a spoon. Or just skip that step; I like a little smushiness. Pour the cream or milk over top, and warm it up a little in the microwave if you want. (I did.)

You may then labor in the fields. Or take a nap.


John said...

This was a pretty common summertime lunch when I was a kid. "Bread and milk and strawberries" or "Bread and milk and peaches". That's what it was called. We never toasted the bread, though. Usually accompanied by raw scallions dipped in salt.

Marcia said...

We also had that growing up, seems like it was usually an evening meal. I don't remember what fruit we used most, probably peaches or blackberries. We didn't toast the bread or heat anything either, it more about being a COLD meal on a HOT day. It has an Amish name - not sure how to spell it, but something like "bruckles" (can't find anything on Google for that word, so I must be way off on the spelling!).

Lauren D. McKinney said...

Marcia, look up "bruckle soup." I love that name.

Carrie said...

My mom has a recipe for blueberry bruckle that my kids love. It's sort of like shortbread (the cake-y kind, not the hostess variety) with the blueberries baked in... it's so good. I have been asking her for the recipe but she keeps forgetting to give it to me. Has anyone else had this?