Mar 22, 2008

Best Chocolate Cake Recipe is . . .

the one on the Hersey's Cocoa container. Apologies to Richard Sax and Nigella Lawson. I did add a rounded teaspoon of espresso powder to the frosting, which always adds a nice kick. Next time I will sift the cocoa and confectioner's sugar, too.

It was for my father-in-law's 80th birthday. I made Corned Beef and Cabbage, and the cake was accompanied by Maple Walnut Ice Cream, total overkill, you don't even have to tell me. We used the last of the Grade B syrup we got in Vermont in June. This year we'll get two jugs of the stuff.

Urf, I'm full and tired. Time to walk the neglected dog. Fortunately, I knew I'd be tired of cooking for the inlaws for a week and so we are going to Roux 3 for brunch tomorrow. Aaaah. Then on to Longwood Gardens to walk it off.

Oh, why are my inlaws here for nine days, you ask? It could be because we sent them Amtrak tickets for Christmas? Yeah, that's it. And because life is short and we want to spend it with people we love? My mom kicked the bucket a bit early and surprised the heck out of us, when I was pregnant with Jack. It gives me a little perspective.


Thought for the Day: This from my mentor in my MFA program who was an editor at the Atlantic for a few decades. I asked him if he had ever read any blogs. He said, "One." So I said, "And?" And he replied, "They're either a waste of effort, or not enough effort, I'm not sure which."


Domestic Goddess said...

Mine is both.
A waste of effort. And I don't put enough effort into it, therefore, it is useless and pointless. Like most of what I do. But hey! I can eat mashed potatoes and make it all better! Life is good. And tomorrow I get to eat chocolate with reckless abandon.

susan said...

I don't know about that...getting firm opinions about the best chocolate cake recipe is precisely the kind of particular thing I love about blogs.

Enjoy the inlaws, and the walks.

Scrivener said...

I agree with Susan.

Also, my new career path? One early step involves starting yet another blog.

Anjali said...

Love Roux 3 and also love the same chocolate cake recipe!

I think your mentor misses the point. Blogs are not about the effort to begin with.