Mar 13, 2008

What's Hot, What's Not

What's hot and what's not, in the mind of Lauren. Here's the top twelve. I don't have time to write complete sentences today. My very clean inlaws are coming tomorrow and staying here. For nine days.

Giving things away/shopping
CSA and local market/supermarket
Using the library/buying books
Making bread/buying bread
Gray hair/colored hair
Working out/ making excuses
Reading classics/reading chick lit
Collies/golden labs, retrievers, doodles

I sound disgustingly self-righteous. Better rectify that--
Dust bunnies/the floor


Domestic Goddess said...

Here's to surviving that!

O said...

Man, I keep trying to use the library. But at this stage of my life, I'm unable to finish the book in time to return it and end up spending in late fees what it would have cost to buy the book in the first place.
At least the fees go to a common good, I suppose...but it's hard to feel too guilty about buying books.

Adorable said...

You forgot:

AG/all the other bloggers.
Hillary/Obama :)

Dude, what did you do to get inlaws for nine days. I mean, even AG, who has been banned from ex boyfriend's mother's houses has never gotten any of 'em for NINE days. Eeeks.

nutmeg said...

You had me at Barack!

Anonymous said...

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