Sep 20, 2006

Important Update on the Breadcrust Situation

Remember last week? When I tried cutting off the boys' crusts? Jack still left the edges of the bread. I asked him why, and he gazed at them a couple of seconds and said "Uh . . . I dunno. I'm gonna play basketball now." Will ate slightly more but still left an edge or two.

So I consulted Brother Juniper's Bread Book again.Whenever you open a really good cookbook for "reference" then it ushers you into a world of possibilities. All the while you protest saying, "I don't have TIME. Thanks for the invitation, gotta run." But the book calls you. In this case it compelled me to make "White Bread Loaf." (I am out of whole wheat flour, because Trader Joe doesn't sell it any more, because apparently I was the only one buying it.) Anyway, I made some white bread from scratch. Three nice slow rises, and it is delicious. When I clean out their lunchboxes, there's nary a crust to be found.


Anonymous said...

The perfectionism of Brother Juniper always bothers me, in an obscure sort of way -- like my efforts will go for naught unless I can produce a loaf worthy of world-class competition. But I keep buying his books anyway. It is hard to argue with eaten crusts.

I was buying the whole wheat flour from Trader Joe's until I realized it was actually cheaper at Whole Foods. But I've got my own grocery karma for payback, since my local Whole Foods has apparently stopped carrying the masa harina that I use to make the kids' beloved tortillas.

Rachel said... you think the white bread encourages them to eat the crust. Interesting theory.

As for me, the first few times I cut the crust off, they all did the same thing, until I started offering an incentive (applesauce, fruit, etc.) as a second course, once they finished their whole sandwich, of course. That seemed to work pretty well.

Anjali said...

I hate crust, and not even white bread (which I hate even more) will compell me to eat it. And I certainly won't force the kids to eat crust when I sneakily peel it off my own sandwich and dump it.

Incidentally, Genaurdis sells pretty good whole wheat flour. I think they have a few different varieties in the organic section.