Sep 29, 2006

Time For Another Baby?

If I were ten years younger, and hadn't had A Certain Procedure done after the last C-section, I'd be tempted to go for Number Three. I saw two little boys riding in one of those truck supermarket carts at the local warehouse store yesterday. A tear actually formed in my eye as I realized that my boys will never ride together in that again. OK, one reason is because I vowed NEVER to take both of them grocery shopping again. Anyway,I just never know when the passing of time will hit me in my gut. I guess the next one in our family to need a diaper will be me.

On a lighter note, I love those new Rubbermaid containers that crunch up flat like an accordian. Then you can snap on the color-coordinated lid and hang it on a hook if you want. Mine are in a mess like the rest of my plastic containers, but in my ideal future (before I need diapers) I picture them hanging pleasantly together in order of size. Domesticity does stave off thoughts of death quite nicely, doesn't it?

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Amy said...

C recently had "the surgery" and went through those same issues (but before the surgery). He asked me if I was sure we were done having kids. I am. He asked what we would do if something--go forbid--ever happened to our two. He asked if I might be open to adopting in the future.

All those questions to make sure having another one is an option. A just in case.

Babies are indeed great. They are soft and cuddly. They don't talk back. The don't ask "why". They don't call your name 6,543 times in a given day. They are life affirming creatures. But, they also wear diapers that need to be changed, they wake up in the middle of the night, and they cry for reasons that we sometimes don't understand.

I'm really enjoying each stage that my kids give me. Each problem, each discovery, each light bulb moment. And thank goodness their stages are past the diapers and late nights.